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JULY 5, 2012
Technology Upgrades Underway
As many of you know, we're working hard to improve and expand patron services to keep up with our patrons' growing demand for online services. So, JCPL has started a series of technology upgrades that will occur over the next few weeks.

As with any system as large and complex as JCPL's, system changes will sometimes cause intermittent service issues to occur. Rest assured that we're working with our vendor partners to ensure that any issues that might occur are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

We're confident that these efforts will deliver significant enhancements to patrons and staff alike and we appreciate your patience during this time.

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posted by Bethany



said, on Jul. 14 at 12:15PM
I so appreciate JCPL. You have THE best selections and when I have requested a purchase you more often than not will buy it or borrow it from somewhere else. I have encouraged many others to obtain a card and then use it, use it, use it! I am hoping with system upgrades it won't be so sluggish. I've noticed a huge slowing down in the last few weeks. Thank you SO much! Jeanne Henderson


Bethany said, on Jul. 16 at 1:38PM
Thanks for your kind words Jeanne and for encouraging others to use the library - keep it up! We're always looking to get new cardholders, especially those people who have learned about ALL the resources we provide. We're working hard on our upgrades and fixes are being done each day to make it better. In the long run, this is all going to benefit you :) Thanks for your patience!


karen said, on Jul. 28 at 1:30PM
I am curious as to why you are able to search Prospector for ebook availability in the other participating libraries and yet be unable to make use of them. I found a book that was unavailable at jeffco and when I tried to request it from another library I was sent to lakewood to place a hold there.


SG said, on Jul. 31 at 8:31AM
Hi! Not sure if you've noticed it (or if this is one of the upgrades coming), but the combined title/author search does not appear to be working -- it's not actually using the title as a limiter, and seems to just return all books by said author's last name (and all authors who share it!).


karen said, on Jul. 31 at 11:30AM
I do have a JCPL card, the problem or rather question is why is there any reason to even look at the ebook resources on Prospector if they are only available to view?


Patrick said, on Aug. 1 at 3:57PM
Thanks for clarifying, Karen. The main reason that you are seeing Ebooks from other libraries in Prospector is that many people, and some libraries, use Prospector as their primary library catalog. Prospector is simply showing what is available in Ebook format across all of its member libraries. Our access to Ebooks is governed by publishers’ restrictions, which can make them more difficult to access than other library materials. However, Colorado Public Libraries all participate in a program called Colorado Libraries Collaborate (CLC) which allows you to get a library card from any public library. So, for example, if the Ebook you are interested in is at Denver Public Library (DPL), you can go and get a DPL library card and then request their Ebooks. If there was a particular title you were trying to get a hold of, please don't hesitate to contact the Library at 303-235-5275 and we will be happy to help you.


karen said, on Aug. 6 at 11:03AM
Thank you Patrick. That does make sense. I appreciate you getting back to me with that.


gingerellie said, on Sep. 28 at 6:30AM
your upgrades are taking more than a few weeks----it has been months!!! I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be done?? I have always enjoyed the new books section, and had to learn how to use the recent arrivals list because you changed that just recently, and now you are changing it again. will it ever be available to find and reserve new books or are you just deleting that section???


Bethany said, on Oct. 3 at 4:04PM
Hi gingerellie, I’m sorry that you’re having issues with the New Arrivals section of the website. Indeed, the time it’s taking to resolve the issue is frustrating to patrons and we share that frustration. Our ultimate goal is to not only improve, but expand our services to keep up with the demands of our patrons. Unfortunately, reaching this goal has meant we’ve had some bumps in the road; however, once the process is complete we think the trip will have been worth it. Keep checking our blog and Facebook page for updates. Thanks for understanding.


L said, on Oct. 4 at 4:48PM
I hope this includes," latest arrivals" under book lovers section.

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