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JANUARY 23, 2010
Congratulations, New Readers!

In case we haven’t mentioned it lately, the Library’s mission statement is what we like to call the Library IDEA: “To Inspire, Delight, Educate All”. This is the road map that we refer to as we make many of our decisions about services, collections, events and other library activities.

Today we host our annual I Can Read Party celebrating the new reading skills of First Graders. This is a very special time that we set aside each year to acknowledge that important milestone in a child’s life when he or she has gained the tools for literacy and lifelong learning. And so, this event would easily fall under that part of our mission to “Inspire” and “Educate”.  But equally important, the I Can Read event is a party – a festive occasion complete with balloons, entertainment, a cake, party favors, and lots of laughter. The idea is to make a happy memory marking a wonderful achievement and to celebrate the joy of reading. All this adds up to another part of our mission: to delight! 
Congratulations, First Graders, and welcome to the community of readers!

posted by Jeanne

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JANUARY 23, 2010
Retool your career

Do you need to learn new strategies to make career changes that are right for you during this time of economic uncertainty? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for ways to apply their knowledge, skills and experience to find employment in a different job market and find a satisfying new career.   And the Library is here to help. We have invited Executive Career Coach Mary Jeanne Vincent to show you the way in a hands-on workshop where you will learn, network, and have fun on Saturday.

posted by Victor

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JANUARY 6, 2010
Tax Forms @ Monterey Public Library


Looking for tax forms? Federal and state tax booklets and selected forms are on display near the Reference Services Desk. If you need assistance finding a form, librarians can download and print forms from the Internet. The cost is $.10 a page. While staff cannot answer tax questions, we can direct you to agencies that provide assistance.
If you prefer, you can download and print federal and state forms at home or in the library from and    
For more information, please call the References Services desk at 831-646-3933 or email us at 

posted by Victor