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OCTOBER 31, 2007
What We're Reading

Staff at the Checkout desk spend a lot of time with books. All of us work at the desk at least three days a week, and we handle books all day long, checking in and checking out. So what do we read for fun? We have many tastes that spill over into movies as well. Some of our favorites in the past few weeks…


Anything for Jane, by Cheryl Mendelson

Citizen Girl, by Emma McLaughlin

In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner

A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah

My Year of Meats, by Ruth Ozeki

The Road, by Cormac McCarthy

Talk Talk, by TC Boyle

What I Call Life, by Jill Wolfson

Widow of the South, by Robert Hicks

Wonderful Tonight, by Patti Boyd

Movie and Audiobooks:

Amber Spyglass, by Phillip Pullman

Half Nelson

The Lives of Others

What have you been reading and enjoying lately? Post below!


posted by Catrina

Category: Staff Reads


OCTOBER 23, 2007
Shades of Monterey

For the past eight years, the Library has been engaged in an ongoing project called "Shades of Monterey" which involves collecting images of day-to-day life in Monterey over the past century from the albums of local families, and adding these images to the library’s historic photo collection.

"Shades of Monterey" is not only about collecting photos. It is also about making them accessible from the Library’s California History Room & Archives and by displaying enlarged, framed photos throughout the Library and in special exhibits. For the third time since the project began, theLibrary has an exhibit of selected Shades photos on display in the Alvarado Gallery at the Monterey Conference Center. The current exhibit will be on display through December 31,2007.

During the exhibit opening reception a few weeks ago, photo donors, their families and friends came out in force to view the photos. It was such fun watching how people responded to seeing their special family photos enlarged up to five and ten times their original size and displayed on the gallery walls. Their reactions emphasized what photography does for us – it captures a moment in time and then magnifies the importance of that moment. There were also magical instances of recognition of people and occasions remembered ("Oh look, there’s Uncle Buzzy!") Many identified with the period fashions ("I’d forgotten all about saddle shoes!"), and popular trends in home interiors ("We had drapes just like those!") There were emotional responses, too. More than one family shed sentimental tears. Many people shared stories. Some took shapshots of one another standing next to an exhibited photo.

The "Shades of Monterey" project honors those people who have shaped our town over the years though daily living, it recreates our local stories, and preserves our community memory. Go check out the exhibit, and please let us know what you think of it.


posted by Jeanne

Category: In the Know


OCTOBER 20, 2007
We Have A Giant Pumpkin Winner!

There were 536 pumpkin seeds in the jar on the Bookmobile.  Amazingly, Suzanne Hastie, who visits the La Mesa Village Bookmobile stop, guessed 537! She won the gigantic pumpkin that was donated by Earthbound Farms and some See's candy. The second place winner was Jennifer Miller Russo with a guess of 526, and the third place winner was Audrey Belson, who guessed 512. Thanks to all who came on board to enter the contest. Happy Halloween!


posted by Joanne


OCTOBER 19, 2007
A Guide to Discworld

Book CoverMaking Money is the new book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, which began with The Colour of Magic in 1983. The series started out as a fairly straightforward parody of the fantasy tradition (if stories set in a flat, disc-shaped world which sits on the back of four elephants who themselves stand on the back of a giant turtle can be called straightforward). Over the years, however, Discworld has grown to make fun of all kinds of literary and musical genres, political institutions, and human foibles. Pratchett's stories are laugh-out-loud funny, with no shortage of running jokes and one-liners. Along the way, readers will notice original ideas about serious issues, and come to care about an amazing variety of characters--including a very sympathetic Death, complete with the traditional black robe and scythe.

Newcomers to Discworld are often confused about which of the 40-odd books to start with, since they are divided into several sub-series and written for different ages. A Library customer suggested that we could help by posting a link to the Discworld Reading Order Guide. (PDF Reader required--guides in other formats and languages are also available.) We hope this post will not only help readers perplexed about the order of the books, but also introduce new readers to the wonders of Discworld.

posted by Doug

Categories: Staff ReadsTeen Zone


OCTOBER 18, 2007
Catalog Blog: Save Your Searches

This is the first of a series of posts about features of the Library catalog that may be new to you.

Do you frequently search for the same authors or subjects? Would you like to find out when your favorite author releases a new book or the Library acquires books, audiobooks, or DVDs on a particular subject? You can save searches in the catalog, repeat them whenever you want, and request email notices when new titles that match your search are added to the catalog. Here's how:

  • Log into your Library account
  • Enter a search in the box at the top of your Library account window, or click  New Search to enter a search on the main page.
  • Look at your results list to make sure you have found what you were looking for.
  • In the search box at the top of the results window, click Save this Search button.
  • Click  My Account at the top of the page to go back to your account window.
  • Click  Preferred Searches button
  • You will see a list of your saved searches: Click  the Search link to repeat your search. Click the Mark for Email checkbox to receive an email notice when a new title matches your search. Click the Mark to Remove checkbox to delete a saved search.
  • If you have made any changes, be sure to click Save Changes button..

Questions? Please Add a comment so that we can share the answer with other readers.

posted by Doug

Categories: Library TechCatalog Blog


OCTOBER 3, 2007
Check out a Library Laptop!

Library customers can now check out laptop computers to use in the Library building. Microsoft Word is installed on the laptops, and Internet access is provided by the Library's free Wi-Fi service. You can save files on a flash drive or burn a CD. (If you don't have your own, you can buy flash drives and blank CDs at the Library Store.) Printing is not yet available, but we're working on it.

Laptops check out for two hours. To borrow a laptop, you need a current Monterey Public Library or Pacific Grove Public Library card, and you must read and sign a Laptop Computer User Agreement. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must also sign the User Agreement.

The first four laptops were purchased with funds from the Library Trust Fund. We just added four additional laptops thanks to the Friends of the Monterey Public Library.

You can borrow a Library laptop at the Check out Desk.

posted by Doug

Category: Library Tech