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DECEMBER 19, 2009
Civic Center Stroll

It’s always very rewarding to eat a small, quick lunch and spend the rest of my mid-day break strolling through the neighborhoods adjacent to the Library and Civic Center. Heading up the hill on Madison Street you’ll find an assortment of modest, well-kept homes probably built in the first decade of the 20th century. Turn north on Larkin and it becomes clear that Monterey’s residential style is quite eclectic with tiny cottages, handsome Victorians, and multi-unit apartment houses living alongside one another on this peaceful, pretty stretch.  Crossing Jefferson, I had a chance meet and greet an old acquaintance,  a welcome event, although not surprising when you consider that Monterey is still a relatively small town.

I turned east on Franklin, at the DiMaggio Apartments, where the fishing boat carved into its wooden sign serves as reminder that much of this neighborhood was built and inhabited by families of fishermen during the sardine heyday. I turned south on Van Buren, where the old Mission Revival-style Carnegie Library still stands, incorporated now into the much expanded library that serves the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Right across from the library is something I’ve never seen before, the “Our Green Thumb Garden” which is a parcel perhaps one-quarter or so of an acre-large and that, according to its sign, is tended communally by MIIS students. Today it was tousled in its post-harvest condition, a few withered cherry tomatoes hanging from a mostly brown vine, and many of the remaining beds overgrown with something that looks like wild cucumber but probably isn’t. Now that I’ve discovered this lovely little treasure, I have to remember to take this route again in spring and hopefully see this garden restored to life.
Rounding quickly through the historic buildings on Dutra and past Colton Hall, I made a quick retreat back to the library, with just enough time left to jot down a quick entry about my stroll. This outing reminded me why I love it when someone asks me what there is to see in Monterey. Apart from the wonderful attractions on Cannery Row, the Wharf, museums, and a gorgeous waterfront, there are homes, gardens, and history all around us! Just put on your walking shoes, take to the sidewalks, and keep your eyes open! 

posted by Jeanne

Category: In the Know


DECEMBER 12, 2009
Happy Birthday Bookmobile

This month we are celebrating the Bookmobile's first birthday. There will be a party at The Classic Residence by Hyatt in Monterey (formerly known as The Park Lane) on Tuesday at 2 p.m., and then there will be goodies and prizes on board at the other regularly scheduled stops. Come on board and help us celebrate at a Bookmobile stop near you.

posted by Joanne


DECEMBER 3, 2009
A Huge Pile of Books

After 4 days with the doors closed over Thanksgiving weekend, Library staff were greeted Monday morning by a wondrous sight. Nearly 4,000 books, movies, magazines, and audio materials were returned over the weekend, filling a large portion of the front lobby. How unusual is this? Well, on a normal Monday, library staff check in around 1,000 items.

Adding to the busy circulation day, the Library received over 1,600 visitors in 8 hours Monday, more than 150% of normal! It was a full day for staff, and a day full of energy throughout the building.

posted by Victor

Category: In the Know