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APRIL 29, 2008
Still Dancing... Clogging at Pajama Storytime!

At Pajama storytime this week, Sarah Springer started us off on the right foot with clogging! Then we enjoyed special stories from Dina celebrating the fun and joy of dancing. To finish up, everyone was up and moving with some dance steps. If they weren't so ready for bed when they left this week, at least everyone had a great time!

As we finish up National Dance Week, a big thank you to all the young dancers from SpectorDance! We had a great time last Wednesday night watching selections from Alice in Wonderland, The Little Match Girl, Anastasia and Peter and the Wolf. It served as a great inspiration for everyone in the audience to get up and dance (and we had opportunity to do just that!) 

posted by Sarah

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APRIL 26, 2008
A video introduction to the California History Room

Library Director Kim Bui-Burton and Archivist Dennis Copeland show off some of the treasures of the California History Room and Archives in this new YouTube video.

posted by Doug

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APRIL 25, 2008
See the City on YouTube

The City of Monterey Communications and Outreach Office has posted several short videos on YouTube featuring City attractions and activities such as Cannery Row, Colton Hall, beaches and wildlife. Take a look!

posted by Doug

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APRIL 23, 2008
Jodi Picoult Does It Again!

Picoult's latest novel, Nineteen Minutes, is a great book for adults (especially mothers) and teenagers.  For parents, it's about our expectations for our kids, our struggles to be good moms and dads, and our worst fears.  For teenagers, it's about popularity, fitting in, standing up, and the mental and physical cruelty suffered by some kids at the hands of others.  It's also about the news -  A school shooting, even worse than Columbine,  and a boy, charged as a man, teenage brains, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and CSI.  The bad news is that the book is long, and that means that you will want to stay up late to finish it!

posted by Karen

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APRIL 19, 2008
Thanks to Volunteers!

What better reason to have a party than to say "thank you" to good friends who do so much to improve our library and museums? This morning the library hosted a morning brunch for the many volunteers, who assist library and museum staff in providing services to the community. Volunteers help us in so many ways ranging from daily operations, to advocacy, fundraising, events and special projects. In a typical year, volunteers devote somewhere between 2,000 – 3,000 collective hours to the Monterey Public Library, Colton Hall Museum, and the Presidio Museum! We simply could not do all that we do without all that you do. So, from all of us at the library and the museums to all of our volunteers, a heartfelt "thanks."

posted by Jeanne

Category: In the Know


APRIL 17, 2008
A National Library Week Surprise!

The Monterey Public Library received an unexpected package in the mail, just in time for its annual observance of National Library Week (April 13-19). Inside the package was a copy of St. Thomas Aquinas’ "Treatise on Law" that was last borrowed from the library 57 years ago by a military serviceman who was stationed in Monterey from 1950-51.

 When the former soldier, a Mr. Somrack, was transferred out of Monterey, he apparently forgot that he still had the library book in his possession. He recently found it in the attic of his Ohio home, and returned it to the library by mail. Enclosed, was a handwritten note of explanation and a check in the amount of $500.00 to cover any accumulated overdue fines.

If calculated at the current library overdue rate, the fine would add up to thousands of dollars. However, the library has a maximum fine cap of $7.50 per book, so Library Director Kim Bui-Burton telephoned the gentleman to reassure him that he did not owe such an excessive fine, and to thank him for his efforts. He generously allowed the library to keep the entire $500 as a donation to the library.

posted by Jeanne

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APRIL 8, 2008
Every one counts at the Library!
Lime green sheets at the Library’s service desks? Staff members busily noting each interaction with a tally mark? One way of ensuring that you count at the Monterey Public Library. During the seven days before National Library Week we are capturing a "snapshot" of customer use by tallying each question asked at one of the Library’s service points (in person, on the phone or electronically) or on the Bookmobile.

At the Library, we keep track of all kinds of numbers (but not titles or personally identified requests) so we can measure what we do. We report library activity each month to the five-member Library Board (City of Monterey representatives who are the policymakers for the Library), quarterly to the State Library, and every year to each of you through the Library’s Annual Report.

The Library seems busier and busier - and our numbers show it. In February 2008, in spite of being closed four days for lighting, plumbing and building upgrades and staff training, almost 28,000 visits were made to the Library and Bookmobile. An average of 1,100 visits a day. And 39,834 items were checked out – almost a 10% irease from last February!

Of course, the Library’s story can’t be read from just the numbers. We add the joy of a storytime toddler, clutching a favorite board book. A college student’s quiet absorption while reading email from home on a checked out library laptop. The gleam in an 80-year-old’s eyes as he shares a great title, plucked from the "Think Big" large print reading display.

We include the hush in the Community Room when the storyteller pauses, and 90 people wait, suspended, to hear what comes next. Slow and steady progress on sounding out syllables by a learner and literacy tutor meeting weekly in the Library. The "Thank you. I had a wonderful session - my tutor really helped me notice the little details," from a high school student after a free Live Homework Help online tutoring session. The hundreds of intangible ways, every day, you report back to us how we’re doing.

YOU count at the Monterey Public Library. And this week we remind ourselves of that fact by tallying the times we are privileged to serve YOU.

posted by Kim BB

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APRIL 5, 2008
Celebrate Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros

Children's Day/Book Day

Singer, Juan Sanchez will entertain you on Saturday, April 26, 11:00a.m. at the Montecito Park Bookmobile stop on Montecito Avenue between Dela Vina and Ramona Streets. There will be food and fun for the whole family.                                                                                    

What better two things to celebrate than our children and the importance of books in their lives?  Read to your children every day and you will instill a love for books and reading.  It is never too early.


posted by Joanne


APRIL 5, 2008
Geraniums and more

Robin Parer, horticulturist and owner/operator of Geraniaceae Nursery in Marin County, will give a garden talk on "Geraniums: An Introduction to the Family, Saturday, April 12, 2 p.m. in the Community Room.

Robin Parer is an Australian born horticulturist who lectures frequently to garden groups and societies throughout the United States. She has appeared in several Horticulture Magazine Symposiums in various parts of the country, and has spoken at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and the Middleburg, VA, Horticultural Symposium. She has lectured in South Africa, England, Australia, as well as the East and West Coasts. She has also written numerous articles on the Geranium Family including an article for Horticulture Magazine in April, 2005. She has also been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine, Sunset magazine, The New York Times, House and Garden Magazine as well as having appeared in many other newspaper and magazine articles.

Robin Parer has owned and operated Geraniaceae Nursery in Marin County near San Francisco, California for the past twenty-four years, and has collected and propagated over 400 geranium species, selected color forms and hybrids. She also has a large collection of erodium species, scented leaf pelargonium,angel and pansy face pelargonium and rare pelargonium species from Southern Africa. She has traveled widely, collecting both in the field, and from nurseries in the U.K., Europe, South America, Southern Africa and Australasia. She is a regular participant in the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. She has won Best of Show several times for her Marketplace Exhibit, and has also received an Outstanding Marketing Presentation Award. She has also received an Annual Award from The California Horticultural Society for Outstanding and Meritorious Contributions to Horticulture in California.

Specimen plants from her collection of Geraniaceae are displayed in a one acre demonstration garden along with a collection of perennial flowering shrubs, and garden sculpture by local artists. The garden and nursery are open by appointment.

posted by Victor

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