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JANUARY 25, 2009
Tax Forms Are Here

Monterey Public Library is a free tax form distribution site. The library has the most frequently requested Federal and California forms and instructions on display near the Reference Services Desk. If you don’t see the form you need, Librarians can help you download it from the Internet. While staff can not answer tax questions, we can direct you to agencies that provide tax assistance.

Please call the Reference Services desk at 831-646-3933 or email us at for more information.

posted by Inga

Category: In the Know


JANUARY 17, 2009
Library Usage Grows During Difficult Economic Times


 "As the nation continues to experience a sharp and jarring economic downturn, local libraries are providing valuable free tools and resources to help Americans of all ages through this time of uncertainty," wrote the American Library Association President Jim Rettig on December 11, 2008, in The Huffington Post. Over the years, the American Library Association has commissioned studies that show a clear connection between economic decline and increases in library usage.

Last week, the online Wall Street Journal  posted an article that stated, "Libraries across the country are reporting jumps in attendance of as much as 65% or the past year, as newly unemployed people flock to branches to fill our resumes and scan ads for job listings."

At the Monterey Public Library we have seen a 29% icrease in visits to the Library between December 2007 and December 2008, and a 24% icrease in the number of check-outs. Certainly some of this increased usage has to do with job searches and Internet access, but people are also turning to the Library to help  cope with other impacts of the economic downturn. For example, more people want to learn how to do their own home repairs, how to feed their families more economically, and how to make homemade gifts. People are also turning to the Library to do product research before making purchases. The Library helps families and individuals meet their entertainment needs by lending a wide variety of reading material, recorded books and music, and movies on DVD and VHS.

Whatever your needs and interests, the Library can help you find resources to help you and your family get through these difficult economic times.

posted by Jeanne

Category: In the Know


JANUARY 12, 2009
Enemy Pie

Can one person really wreck your whole summer or your whole school year? In Enemy Pie, the new guy next door, Jeremy, does that for our main character. But, Dad has the solution: a pie that can get rid of enemies. What do you think such a pie might be made of? Does it work? What do you think? Read or view the book online through Tumblebooks on the Kids' Page and then let us know what you think about enemies and this method of erasing them from your life. If you don't believe in enemy pie, give us your recipe for fixing the enemy problem. What has worked for you? Did your dad (or mom) have any good advice about friends and enemies? Or do dads and moms think kids' problems are too easily solved? Share your comments on this book, or a story about a friend or enemy in your life inspired by this story. Join the book discussion blog!

posted by Karen

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JANUARY 9, 2009
Friends Used Book Sale This Weekend

Looking for the perfect post-holiday gift for yourself, a friend, or family member? Bargains abound at the Friends of the Monterey Public Library's biggest used book sale of the year this weekend. Prices range from fifty cents per paperback, and one dollar per hardback, to ten dollars and up for special books and sets. All proceeds benefit the Monterey Public Library.

Friday, January 9, 3:30 - 5:30 Friends Members Only (join at the door)

Saturday, January 10, 10 - 2

Sunday, January 11, 1-3 (special $2.00 per bag sale) 


posted by Inga

Category: In the Know