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JANUARY 30, 2017
Just Finished Reading.......
Beatrice And Benedick
by Marina Fiorato

I would have to say that this book must have been a very challenging piece to write. Considering that Beatrice and Benedick are iconic characters thanks to Shakespeare. Beatrice with her fiery wit and cheek and Benedick always trying to one up her. We all know the end but we almost know nothing of the beginning other than he once did want to marry her before the events of Much Ado About Nothing. The beginning is all this book entails. Beatrice is sent to her Uncles court in Sicily and it is there that Benedick appears on a journey with a Spanish lord. Beatrice and Benedick wage their love war as only they can, with their witty remarks and comments and all the while they are falling for one another. When slander makes their love turn sour, a beside himself Benedick sails away to England, Beatrice returns home as well. Only to be bombarded with a betrothal she does not want or agree with. Benedick meanwhile comes under attack on the ship and has to fight to remain alive, Beatrice must remain fighting to stop her arranged marriage. The story does not convene again until ten years have passed and they meet again in Messina, and well, you know the story from there. I thought it was a very enthralling romance read. Certainly difficult to create a story and events out of someone elses story. And Shakespeare is a very hard to please subject. I would recommend this book solely if you wanted a romance novel on a quiet night. Next book up will be Alexander Hamilton's biography by Ron Chernow.


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