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Category: Hmong Culture

AUGUST 25, 2008
2008 Manitowoc County Hmong Festival a Real Treat!
 Thanks to the Hmong Community for sharing their vibrant culture with Manitowoc County at the 2008 Hmong Festival.

Traditional costume, dance and food mixed with soccer and volleyball made for a good time!

Please follow this link for more photos:


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AUGUST 18, 2008
Hmong festival this Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 23-24, 2008

Everyone is invited to attend the Manitowoc County Hmong Festival on Staturday and Sunday August 23rd and 24th, at Silver Creek Park, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The event will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm both days.

There will fe bood, cultural dance and many other activities throughout the day. For more information contact the Hmong Community Center at 920-684-1228.

To view more photos from last year's festival, please follow this link:

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AUGUST 28, 2007
Hmong Celebration

Hmmm Walking 

Fabrics The Look 

It is not often we have the opportunity to step into another culture. For Manitowoc County residents that opportunity exists right here in our back yard. The Hmong Pre-New Year Celebration last Saturday and Sunday welcomed everyone to take that step.

Beautiful traditional costumes coupled with the music, food, games, and dance made for a delightful, insightful and meaningful experience.

Lester Public Library thanks our Hmong friends for the invitation!

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AUGUST 24, 2007
Hmong Annual Pre-New Year

Hmong Pre-New Year Celebration Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, 2007 - Silver Creek Park, Manitowoc

Opening Ceremony at 9:30 am Saturday August 25

Hmong History

Many Indochinese migrated to Wisconsin after what is often called the "Secret War".  This war was brought under the direction of the United States Government, who secretly recruited the Hmong to assist with military strategy blocking the Ho Chi Minh trail and rescuing American pilots whose planes were shot down by the Communist North Vietnamese and Pathet Lao during the second Indo-China War.  In 1975 the United States Government decided to pull out from Indo-China (South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) and the Communist rule took over.

Many Hmong fled Laos from refuge in Thailand and the remaining were victims of chemical warfare, prison and persecution by the new government.

After settling in Thailand refugee camps, many were eligible to resettle in a third country, such as the United States and Other countries.

Currently there are nearly 30,000 Hmong in Wisconsin and about 2000 are residing in Manitowoc County.

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