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Military Service: 1940-1945

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NameTownEntry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIAHonor Roll
Abelseth, Victor ArnoldValparaisoAug 9, 1945ArmyNoYes
Adams, Arnold MarionValparaisoMar 28, 1942ArmyNoYes
Adams, Clarence EstelValparaisoJul 21, 1942Coast GuardNoYes
Adams, George ClaudeValparaisoNavyNoYes
Adams, Theodore EdgarValparaisoApr 24, 1942ArmyAug 21, 194216090527YesYes
Affeld, Freddie KennethValparaisoOct 11, 1941ArmyYesYes
Ahlgrim, Robert L.ValparaisoJan 18, 1944NavyNoYes
Alett, Robert GrantValparaisoDec 28, 1942NavyNoYes
Alexander, Claude ArmsteadValparaisoJul 17, 1942ArmyYesYes
Allaire, Lawrence J.VailparaisoApr 24, 1943ArmyNoNo
Allanson, Oscar Leonard Jr.ValparaisoSep 9, 1942ArmyNoYes
Allard, William JosephChicago, Ill.May 7, 1943ArmySep 1, 194336748104YesYes
Allen, Howard GlenValparaisoOct 6, 1943NavyNoYes
Allsup, Charles WilliamValparaisoNov 23, 1943NavyNoYes
Anderson, Edward LelandValparaisoOct 6, 1943NavyNoYes
Anderson, Harold ChesterValparaisoFeb 3, 1943ArmyNoYes
Andros, CarlValparaisoMay 6, 1941Naval ReserveNoYes
Arndt, Edward DwightValparaisoMay 2, 1942Army Res.NoYes
Arndt, Marcele R.ValparaisoWAVESNoYes
Arndt, Robert C.ValparaisoJun 13, 1945ArmyNoYes

*KIA = Killed in action

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