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Military Service: 1940-1945

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NameTownEntry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIAHonor Roll
O'Brien, John FrancisValparaisoMar 29, 1943NavyNoYes
O'Donnell, Maurice E. Jr.ValparaisoFeb 7, 1945NavyNoYes
Ohlfest, Arthur EarlValparaisoDec 19, 1940ArmyNoNo
Ohlfest, Robert CharlesValparaisoMay 13, 1943ArmyNoNo
Okun, John PeterValparaisoJan 6, 1943ArmyNoYes
Oldham, Howard HoodValparaisoArmyNoYes
Olinger, Lawrence GeorgeValparaisoNov 23, 1943navyNoYes
Ongman, John Daniel LewisValparaisoAug 14, 1941ArmyNov 25, 194435166708YesYes
Oplinger, Charles RobertValparaisoSep 6, 1944ArmyNoYes
Orwig, Paul GordonValparaisoAug 17, 1942Enl. Res.YesYes
Owen, Oather Preston Jr.ValparaisoOct 8, 1942NavyMar 17, 19436272764YesYes
Owens, Glenn FranklinValparaisoNaval ReserveYesYes

*KIA = Killed in action

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