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Military Service: 1940-1945

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NameTownEntry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIAHonor Roll
Zeller, Robert LewisValparaisoEnl. Res.YesYes
Zieba, TheodoreValparaisoDec 11, 1942ArmyNoYes
Zimmerman, Francis EdwardValparaisoSep 15, 1942Coast GuardNoYes
Zimmerman, James CharlesValparaisoAug 2, 1942ArmyNoYes
Zimmerman, Richard marvinValparaisoArmyNoYes
Zulich, Charles AlfredValparaisoDec 26, 1942ArmyNoYes
Zulich, Donald RudolphValparaisoJan 6, 1943ArmyNoYes
Zywanoski, EdwardValparaisoMar 17, 1943ArmyNoYes
Zywanoski, StanleyValparaisoOct 24, 1941ArmyNoYes

*KIA = Killed in action

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