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Military Service: 1940-1945

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NameTownEntry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIAHonor Roll
Mahon, Jack CharlesValparaisoNov 17, 1942Naval ReserveNoYes
Mahoney, James WillardValparaisoNavyNoYes
Makovsky, TheodoreValparaisoSep 28, 1942ArmyNoYes
Manago, Arthur JosephValparaisoDec 1, 1944ArmyNoYes
Manago, Joseph N.ValparaisoMar 15, 1945ArmyNoYes
Mann, Randall BoydValparaisoAug 11, 1942ArmyNoYes
Mann, Randall Boyd JrValparaisoJul 28, 1944ArmyNoYes
Marquardt, Louis W.ValparaisoAug 31, 19431NoYes
Marquart, Edward JohnValparaisoNavyNoYes
Marrell, harry Ray Jr.ValparaisoSep 28, 1942Naval ReserveNoYes
Marrell, Richard LeeValparaisoFeb 11, 1943ArmyNoYes
Marrell, Vernon O.ValparaisoJan 15, 1941ArmyNoYes
Marshall, John CooperValparaisoNoNo
Martin, George KennethValparaisoSep 6, 1944NavyNoYes
Masterson, Carol H.ValparaisoMarinesNoYes
Masterson, Harold A.ValparaisoArmyNoYes
Masterson, Robert JamesValparaisoDec 8, 1942ArmyNoYes
Mathias, Virgil EdwardValparaisoNavyNoYes
Matz, JohnValparaisoOct 1, 1942ArmyApr 6, 194335374630YesYes
Maudlin, Byron JamesValparaisoOct 21, 1942ArmyNoYes

*KIA = Killed in action

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