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Military Service: 1940-1945

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NameTownEntry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIAHonor Roll
Taerry, Thomas AlbertValparaisoNov 25, 1942Enl. Res.NoYes
Take, William MiltonValparaisoOct 23, 1942ArmyNoYes
Tappan, Robert EdmundValparaisoDec 26, 1942ArmyNoYes
Tarrant, George HowellValparaisoJun 10, 1942Naval ReserveNoYes
Thiel, William J.ValparaisoNov 16, 1942Army Air CorpsNoYes
Thiesen, Robert HenryValparaisoOct 31, 1944NavyNoYes
Thompson, Jefferson DavisValparaisoNov 19, 1941ArmyNoYes
Thompson, Leo HerbertValparaisoNavyNoYes
Thorgren, Ernest RussellValparaisoNov 2, 1942ArmyNoYes
Thorne, William Albert Jr.ValparaisoMar 17, 1943ArmyNoYes
Thune, Joseph RichardValparaisoApr 23, 1943ArmyNoYes
Tindle, GuyValparaisoApr 8, 1943Navy VOCNoYes
Todd, Carl LeeValparaisoNaval ReserveNoYes
Todd, Delbert GouldValparaisoNov 10, 1942ArmyNoYes
Tofts, Joseph AndersonValparaisoJul 3, 1942ArmyNoYes
Toole, John A.ValparaisoOct 29, 1943NavyNoYes
Toole, Marjorie E.ValparaisoSep 30, 1944WAVESNoYes
Trapp, Harold LeeValparaisoMay 19, 1942ArmyNoYes
Trapp, Paul AnthonyValparaisoApr 23, 1943ArmyNoYes
Trumm, Charles RaymondValparaisoAug 31, 1942CEC-V (S) USNRNoYes

*KIA = Killed in action

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