VIRTUAL CHILDREN - Arts & Craft Fun For Kids-Crazy Hat Party
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Friday, Jun. 19, 10:30 am

Let's craft together! Tune in for an arts crafts session using common items found at home. We’ll be streaming the event on the Montgomery County Memorial Library System Facebook page.

** You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch
 *All MCMLS Programs are virtual until further notice.*


Craft: Paper Hats and Hat Embellishing  

Supplies needed for the paper hats

Newspaper or wrapping paper (needs to be at least 20x20 inch)

Decorating Supplies:

Decorating supplies (use your imagination and what you have): crayons, markers, stickers, washi tape, curling ribbon, glitter, rhinestones…… 

Kid scissors 



Supplies needed for hat embellishing (geared for ages 7 and up)

Hat to Decorate: Ball cap, plastic party hat, ski cap…

Decorating Supplies (use your imagination and what you have):

Stickers, washi tape, glitter, rhinestones…… 

Scrap cloth material, decorative ribbon, bows, feathers, buttons…


Crafters glue or hot glue gun (adult supervision needed)

Needle and thread (adult supervision needed)

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