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Menu for the Future
Menu for the Future Class
Port Townsend Library - 1220 Lawrence St.

Saturday, Feb. 24, 10:15a.m.-12:15p.m.

Registration information will be posted soon. Please check back. There is a cost for this program- $20 per person to pay for a course book to keep. 

Informaiton about the class:

Over the last century, the way we grow, harvest, transport, and consume food has changed significantly. It’s easy to overlook the impact this process has on our environment.   Menu for the Future helps you explore the connection between food and sustainability. Participants learn more about the many cultural, social, and ecological implications of what we eat and discuss the importance of our eating habits. Together, you will discover food choices that are good for you and the health of our environment not to mention, the local economy.

NWEI’s self-led discussion courses are designed to spark shared learning, shared stories, and shared action. Each course book also includes tips and guidelines to help facilitators organize a course. 

A detailed list of articles and resources included in the Menu For the Future course book are available in the Table of Contents.

Participants read each week’s material (which may include brief articles, book excerpts and/or links to online content) on their own. During each group session, participants take turns facilitating by leading others through discussion questions provided in the course book.

“The structure and content of the class was surprisingly intimate. I guess I had grown accustomed to sitting in rows facing a teacher. Sitting at the Menu for the Future table is the metaphoric equivalent to sitting at a dinner table. We are feasting on ideas—about sustainability, food, nature, family, love, imbalance, and tragedy. The participants become storytellers and the stories we share are about our families and food.”

Sponsored by Friends of the Port Townsend Library.
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