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OCTOBER 25, 2011
What Inspired the Lyrics?
Do you ever wonder what inspired a song?

A few weekends ago I was poking around a small flea market. As it was small, I was able to really dig into one vendors offerings of Cd’s. I hit pay dirt with some compilations put out by Reader's Digest. I have several Reader's Digest offerings on old 33 1/3 rpm but hadn't even thought about replacing any with Cd’s until recent years.

I ended up buying several but the one I'm enjoying the most is The Late 50's: The Top 10 Collection. 3 of the 4 Cd’s feature the top10 ten hits starting in 1955 and working to 1959. The last spotlights, The Top 10 Guys, Girls and Golden Groups. For me it is a trip down nostalgia lane and is a great collection to listen to while doing something boring, like vacuuming.

I believe all songs have a story of their own to tell. The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane sung by The Ames Brothers in this set sparked my curiosity. If you've never heard it you can find it on Youtube and many other places on the web including my favorite music resource All Music. It's an upbeat harmony tune that suggests that the Naughty Lady is an attractive woman driving all the men of the town crazy with her flirtatious ways. The ending line reveals that “she's only nine days old.”. This has always given me a laugh. Listening to this oldie but goodie this time round, I couldn't help but wonder what inspired the lyrics.

A Wikipedia entry states Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett are the authors. They often collaborated together and had several hit including some for Elvis. Wikipedia states “between 1945 and 1970” Tepper and Bennett published over 300 songs. Whew. That's a lot of music.

I know that Naughty Lady was covered by The Ames Brothers, Dean Martin and others. I like the rendition by The Ames Brothers. They're easy to track down. One site

gives a good bio of the four, actually brothers, which according to the site is, "a rarity in the entertainment business". Though there's lots of great information about the quartet there's nothing about the words.

Librarian that I am, I did a further search on Sid and Roy and found some articles but nothing with a clue to answer my question. So if you know anything about this, please let me know.

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