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OCTOBER 9, 2008
Version of the truth ~ Jennifer Kaufman


This was a very interesting book and not what I usually choose to read. It was refreshing to read of a woman who realizes that education will make a difference in her life. She wants something more and embraces the hard work that it will be to achieve her goals. It's kind of a cinderella story with the heroine being her own fairy godmother. Realistic in its portrayal of the difficulties in being from a hardworking but not privileged background and the differences there are between classes. I could have used less foul language and her choices of relationships left much to be desired (and why she doesn't decide to give up alcohol when one after another embarrassing events happen to her because of her imbibing, I'll never understand) but even in this area of her life she grows and changes. Ultimately it is a satisfying ending and that's really the most important part for me.

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