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NOVEMBER 26, 2011
Flash of Genius

comments by CarolK

   Invention  The better idea!

Flash of Genius...based on the true story

Last night I watched Flash of Genius starring Greg Kinnear. Though not a new movie it’s new to Saxton B. and I’m going to put it on our star cart. I’m not certain how close the movie follows the real story but you won’t be able to watch this without cheering for the underdog and finding much to discuss.
Flash of Genius is based on the life work, some say, obsession of Dr. Robert Kearns, invention of Kearns Blinking Eye Windshield Wiper, better known as the intermittent wiper. Supported by his wife and 6 children, the Kearns Family Corporation brings their plan to Ford who immediately see the possibilities of this invention. Kearns wants to manufacture it himself; Ford has other ideas and virtually steals the idea. The battle begins.
I’m definitely going to read the original article Annals of Invention: the Flash of Genius
by John Seabrook of The New Yorker, that inspired this film. I’ll leave it to you to read it if you wish.
The backs story on how Dr. Kearns comes up with his idea is funny and brilliant. For anyone who has ever tried to fight the system, this feel good, yet thought provoking movie is a must!

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