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MARCH 31, 2009
Need to catch up on your Oscar winners?

Once upon a time, I would make it a point to see all of the movies that were nominated for major categories at the Oscars.  In the last few years, though, I haven't managed to see them all before the ceremony.  If you're like me and missed them in the theaters, why not watch them now and see if you agree with the Academy's choices?  Many of the major nominees are already released and available on DVD at the library, and others are on order.

Most of these titles are in hot demand and you will need to place your name on a hold list to borrow them.  To place a hold, call the library at 693-5800.

In our collection now:
Slumdog Millionaire (Best Picture winner, Best Director winner)
Milk (Best Actor winner Sean Penn; nominee for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor)
The Visitor (Best Actor nominee Richard Jenkins)
Rachel Getting Married (Best Actress nominee Anne Hathaway)
Changeling (Best Actress nominee Angelina Jolie)
Frozen River (Best Actress nominee Melissa Leo)
Tropic Thunder (Best Supporting Actor nominee Robert Downey, Jr.)
The Dark Knight (Best Supporting Actor winner Heath Ledger)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Best Supporting Actress winner Penelope Cruz)
Bolt (Best Animated Feature nominee)
Kung Fu Panda (Best Animated Feature nominee)
Wall-E (Best Animated Feature winner)
Man on Wire (Best Documentary Feature winner)

Coming Soon:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (release date May 5)
Doubt (release date April 7)
Frost/Nixon (release date April 21)
The Reader (release date April 14)
Revolutionary Road (release date June 2)
The Wrestler (release date April 21)

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Beth Van Ness said, on Apr. 4 at 1:14PM
Of all the new DVDs, I recommend The Visitor. It was a sad, funny, charming delight--and it was a surprise for me. I took it home without hearing about it first.

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