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Welcome to our online Imagine Your Story summer reading program! As you read books, you will enter the titles and how long you have read it. The longer you read, the more prizes you will earn. Write reviews for your books and see what your fellow readers thought of their books. For every 90 minutes read, you are eligible for a prize to be picked up at the library. 90 minutes read earns a food coupon. 180 minutes read earns a food coupon. 270 minutes read earns a food coupon. 360 minutes read earns a book. 1 random prize drawing will be done on Friday, July 31st at 2pm for a $50 VISA gift card. The library will notify the winner.
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I like to read biographies and over summer I think I’ll finish 20 books
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I am energetic and I am a dancer. I enjoy reading all kinds of books, particularly novels. I feel as...
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