Fall Reading Program (K-5th Grade)
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How It Works: 1. Create an account and log your books here throughout the end of December. You will receive a raffle ticket for each book you read/log and you will also receive raffle tickets for each program you participate in for your age group online or at home. Each month participants who earn 20 raffle tickets (from reading or activities) will receive a prize and a chance for a bigger prize in the monthly raffle--so the more you read and participate, the more chance you have to win!
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I like to read comic books. I also like to read fairytales. Sometimes I read nonfiction books. I am ...
(200 titles)
I love to read fiction books. I would like to read at least 3 to 4 books in a day.
(165 titles)
I love to read fiction as well as non fiction books. I try to read 2 books daily during my summer br...
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The Muddy Puddle
Cynthia Rider and Nicola Evans
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The Chocolate Touch
Patrick Skene Catling
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