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Engaged Readers Online Reading Program

The first online reading program for public libraries with fully-integrated social networking features. Patron-centered design encourages patrons to discover new titles they will enjoy and increase their summer reading time as they interact with other readers and library staff — creating and sharing book lists, reviews, comments, following fellow readers and more. Why an online reading program?

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  • users can track their reading, write reviews and comment on each other's lists (all user-contributed content can be moderated);
  • establish reading goals for your users or allow them to create their own goals;
  • users can earn badges as they achieve their reading goals;
  • users can discover other users with common reading interests and share titles;
  • users can track library activities you define, optionally allow users to add their own activities;
  • group/daycare registration (optional);
  • staff can easily create book lists, designated as "Staff Picks", with automated links to your library catalog;
  • staff can easily create custom reports of reader activity: filter reports by any criteria you choose;
  • include your website's seasonal reading banner or use ER's professionally-designed graphics;
  • easy to set up and administer;
  • user-friendly interface for patrons and staff;
  • no limit to the number of reading programs you can create;
  • automated ScreenName and password recovery;
  • automated goal notification (optional);
  • easily share booklists on Facebook, Twitter and more;
  • optional integration with Amazon for purchase of titles -- purchases support your library;
  • No setup fees!