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Join us for upcoming events, classes and programs at Harding Library! All events are free and open to the public. Registration required where noted.
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The Science and Art
19 Blue Mill Road
Tuesday, Jun. 18, 4:00 p.m.
Shelley from Amateur Astronomers, Inc. is returning to teach about the NASA Moon Gateway Space Station, what life is like when traveling through space, and the children will create their own space path map.  There may also be a zoom call with a female space pilot.  Astronaut ice cream will be tasted.
Dinosaur Summer Adve
19 Blue Mill Road
Friday, Jul. 12, 11:00 a.m.
The Dinosaur team of Paleontologists of Mike and Roberta Strata will be joining us again this summer as part of this year’s Summer Reading Program!  Youth and their families are invited to take part in a scientific exploration highlighting the world of dinosaurs, fossils and rocks/minerals.  

Their fun-filled show will cover the formation of fossils, herbivores vs. carnivores, basics of geology (rocks and minerals).  The team will discuss their work as field paleontologists and background in geology. There will be an interactive fossil talk to ready the Junior Paleontologists to go on their dig! Field Paleontologist Mike will cover how and where fossils can be located. See some amazing discoveries from the time of the dinosaurs to the time of the ice age.  The team will set up a “museum of artifacts” to view.
Paleontologist Roberta will take the Junior Paleontologists on their dig for real dinosaur fossils and construct or build a dinosaur with the findings! Program includes a fossil talk and and Roberta’s amazing discoveries. This “hands-on” program is special because everyone will handle real dinosaur fossil bones – not plastic. Construct a dinosaur dig site right in the library!
Be Bear Aware
19 Blue Mill Road
Wednesday, Aug. 7, 4:00pm
Black bears are an important  part of our natural world here in New Jersey.  We will learn how to react if we encounter one.  An interactive, multimedia presentation, touchable artifacts, a life-size bear mount, and a fun simulation activity help participants to better understand black bear history, adaptations, life cycle, diet and needs.
Butterfly Workshop
19 Blue Mill Road
Friday, Aug. 9, 4:00 p.m.
Farmer Kim from Grow It Green Morristown will be joining us again to teach about butterflies and pollination.  We will also discuss our SciStarter Pollination Observation kit that can be borrowed for home teaching activities.
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