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Military Service: 1941-1945

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NamePermanent Addr.Entry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIA
Yaeger, Donald HopiValparaisoOct 6, 1942NavyNo
Yagelski, Edward WalterChestertonJun 11, 1942ArmyNo
Yagelski, Joseph FranklinValparaisoMay 13, 1943ArmyNo
Yagelski, Robert JamesChestertonFeb 3, 1942ArmyNo
Yager, Charles LeeGaryMay 11, 1945ArmyNo
Yeagley, Ward JuniorHebronApr 20, 1945ArmyNo
Yost, Dwayne DonaldChestertonApr 14, 1942Coast GuardFeb 13, 1945529855No
Yost, Newton EdgarChestertonNov 16, 1942NavyFeb 9, 1945No
Yost, Robert ClaytonChestertonMar 25, 1942ArmyJul 28, 194216077139No
Young, Donald AlvinChestertonDec 11, 1942ArmyNo
Young, Edward EarlPorterNov 17, 1945ArmyNo
Young, Fred WatsonChestertonJun 11, 1942ArmyMar 9, 194435357064No
Young, Richard LloydHebronJan 31, 1945NavyNo
Young, Robert HowardSouth BendMar 26, 1942ArmyNo
Young, Willard ClarkW. LafayetteNov 10, 1942ArmyNo
Youngren, Harold LincolnChestertonMar 28, 1942ArmyNo

*KIA = Killed in action

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