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Military Service: 1941-1945

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NamePermanent Addr.Entry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIA
Vale, Richard LesterChestertonJun 10, 1943NavyNo
Valpatic, Andrew JohnPorterJan 21, 1943ArmyNo
Valpatic, Anton LouisPorterJun 28, 1941ArmyNo
Valpatic, Frank AlbertPorterOct 1, 1942ArmyNo
Valpatic, Louis JohnPorterOct 28, 1942ArmyNo
Valpatic, Stephen CarlPorterFeb 13, 1945MarinesNo
Van Black, Robert RussellMcCoolJun 13, 1945ArmyNo
Van DeWater, Edward WilkieGarySep 9, 1942ArmyNo
Van Scoik, WilfordWheelerArmyNo
Van Veld, Robert DaleHebronNov 3, 1942Enl. Res.No
Vanaman, Williston LinnGaryAug 14, 1945ArmyNo
Vandenberg, Henry AlvinChicago, ILMay 29, 1942ArmyNo
Varaveto, Dominick Jr.Beverly ShoresMar 2, 1944NavyNo
Vaughn, James Dee Jr.ChestertonNov 13, 1942ArmyNo
Vaught, Ralph WilliamNintonville, KYDec 15, 1942ArmyNo
Vedell, Emmerson CharlesChestertonApr 12, 1944ArmyNo
Veden, August VernonChestertonJan 15, 1941ArmyJun 19, 1945No
Veden, Donald LeroyChestertonFeb 11, 1943ArmyNo
Veden, Earl BuddChestertonFeb 3, 1943ArmyNo
Veden, Richard AlvinChestertonNavyNo

*KIA = Killed in action

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