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Military Service: 1941-1945

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NamePermanent Addr.Entry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIA
Pacyga, Francis JoeValparaisoJul 3, 1942ArmyNo
Pahl, Clarence WalterHebronNov 21, 1942ArmyDec 20, 194435570289No
Palmigiani, Arthur William Jr.ChestertonMay 31, 1944ArmyNo
Palmigiani, JosephChestertonSep 22, 1942ArmyNo
Parent, David PaulChestertonSep 29, 1944ArmyNo
Park, Carl EdwardKoutsSep 13, 1945ArmyNo
Park, Clifford DaleHebronApr 19, 1941ArmyNo
Parker, Allison RoseChestertonJun 11, 1942ArmyJul 19, 194335357110No
Parker, David LaverneChicago, ILFeb 2, 1944ArmyNo
Parker, Frank DouglasHebronNaval ReserveNo
Parker, Jack WilerGaryMar 5, 1943ArmyNo
Parker, Ray WallaceGaryDec 26, 1942ArmyNo
Parker, Robert OwenChestertonOct 1, 1942Naval ReserveNo
Parker, Roland KeithChestertonApr 23, 1943ArmyNo
Pattee, Paul BethuelWashington D.C.May 19, 1942ArmyNo
Paulsen, Robert HarrySouth Chicago, ILSep 6, 1944ArmyNo
Pavell, John LewisValparaisoArmyNo
Payne, Horace LorenzoChestertonNov 4, 1943NavyNo
Payne, Phillip GeorgeHebronDec 26, 1942ArmyNo
Pearman, Paul LeoChestertonMar 5, 1943ArmyNo

*KIA = Killed in action

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