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Military Service: 1941-1945

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NamePermanent Addr.Entry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIA
Laurence, Rudolph ElmerChestertonSep 22, 1942ArmyNo
Lauridsen, EarlKoutsSep 9, 1942ArmyNo
Law, Charles KeithMichigan CityOct 10, 1942Enl. Res.No
Lawrence, Kenneth LeoValparaisoApr 12, 1944ArmyNo
Lawrence, Nelson HenryHebronSep 6, 1944ArmyJun 21, 1945No
Lawrence, Ralph LeRoyWheelerDec 22, 1943NavyNo
Lawrence, Vernon RichardHebronMay 19, 1942ArmyNo
Layman, Daniel M.GaryOct 31, 1944ArmyNo
Leach, Charles Thomas Jr.ChestertonAug 19, 1942NavyNo
Leach, Clive ManleyHebronSep 29, 1944ArmyNo
Leach, Edgar RussellChestertonJul 3, 1942ArmyNo
Lee, Clarence EdmendChestertonNov 19, 1941ArmyNo
Lee, Donald J.ChestertonNov 10, 1942ArmyNo
Lee, Francis AronChestertonJul 3, 1942ArmyNo
Lee, Howard Edwin Jr.ValparaisoOct 24, 1942ArmyNo
Lee, Russel MorrisChestertonDec 11, 1942ArmyJun 24, 1945No
Lee, WalterChestertonOct 31, 1942ArmyNo
Leffert, Orval FranklinLaCrosseAug 14, 1945ArmyNo
Leigh, Edward NorrisChestertonArmyNo
LeMay, Charles JamesPittsburgh, ILSep 9, 1942ArmyNo

*KIA = Killed in action

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