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Military Service: 1941-1945

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NamePermanent Addr.Entry DateBranchDischarge DateService #KIA
Caameron, Gerald JohnChestertonApr 19, 1941ArmyNo
Cambe, Alvin MonroeKoutsJul 28, 1944ArmyNo
Camplan, Alexander CharlesValparaisoFeb 9, 1945ArmyNo
Cannon, Donald KeithKoutsArmyNo
Cannon, HazenKoutsFeb 11, 1943ArmyNo
Cannon, Marion JosephKoutsNov 23, 1943MarinesNo
Canright, Warren HaydenChestertonSep 6, 1944ArmyNo
Cardwell, Othello CullenTiptonDec 22, 1943No
Carlson, Allen WesleyChestertonJan 15, 1941ArmyNo
Carlson, Kenneth ArvidChestertonOct 19, 1942ArmyNo
Carlson, LeRoy ThureValparaisoMar 15, 1945ArmyNo
Carlson, Norman Waldemar Jr.Dec 19, 1944ArmyNo
Carmichael, Lowell CharlesValparaisoAug 8, 1942ArmyNo
Carmichael, Ralph Donova Jr.ValparaisoDec 14, 1942NavyNo
Carmichael, Richard WallaceValparaisoJun 13, 1945ArmyNo
Carow, John FrancisLaPorteJun 9, 1942Coast GuardNo
Carpenter, DurwardGaryDec 8, 1943NavyNo
Carr, Richard IrvinHebronSep 6, 1944ArmyNo
Carroll, James William Jr.ValparaisoAug 14, 1941ArmyNo
Carter, Lewis BruceValparaisoDec 19, 1944ArmyNo

*KIA = Killed in action

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