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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Nahser, FrankHunter27 Feb 1906
Nahser, OscarHunter19 Oct 1910
Nelson, CharlesHunter2 Nov 1907
Nelson, John S.Hunter16 Sep 1907
Nelson, MarimusPhysician23 May 1896
Nelson, WilliamHunter16 Sep 1907
Nesbit, Otis B.Physician64942 Aug 1902
Newland, J.H.Physician15 Aug 1885
Nichols, M.E.Hunter18 Mar 1908
Nichols, W.H.Hunter4 Mar 1910
Nixon, C.A.Dentist24 Jul 1902
Noble, Frank H.Hunter24 Feb 1906
Noblitt, William ShermanPhysician2 Oct 1891
Noland, Philip D.Physician15487 Sep 1897
Nutt, William F.Physician12 Jun 1896

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