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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Dale, James E.Dentist3 Dec 1896
Davidson, N.C.Physician568329 Apr 1899
Davis, W.A.Hunter10 Mar 1910
Davis, William HarlowPhysician25 Jun 1895
Day, A.L.Physician20 Feb 1892
Day, D.M.Hunter19 Dec 1907
DeKoker, PeterHunter19 Oct 1905
Dewolfe, Charles E.Grocer11 June 1841
Dobbins, Al OthoPhysician69385 Jul 1904
Dolson, Glen S.Dentist31 Jul 1900
Donchin, L.Junk Dealer1 Jun 1905
Dougherty, C.L.Hunter14 Sep 1904
Douglas, George R.Physician16 Dec 1907
Drumheller, Clayton K.Physician15 Oct 1895
Dwyer, JohnHunter25 1908
Dye, Carl O.Hunter4196413 Mar 1907
Dye, HomerHunter4196513 Mar 1907

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