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Big Four Telephone Company 1915-1935

49 records located      
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Sawyer, F.D.1
Sawyer, F.D.4
Sawyer, F.D.10
Sawyer, F.D.22
Sawyer, F.D.31
Sawyer, F.D.34
Sawyer, F.D.37
Sawyer, F.D.38
Sawyer, F.D.40
Sawyer, F.D.44
Sawyer, F.D.45
Sawyer, F.H.16
Sevens, L.W.22
Shenck, Clifton16
Sherrick, Cliff45
Sherrick, Cliff99
Sherrick, J.C.38
Sherrick, J.C.39
Shreve, Fred37
Shreve, Fred38

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