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Madison County Databases

A collection of historical indexes compiled by staff and volunteers of the Anderson (IN) Public Library.
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Contact the Indiana Room with questions about these databases or to obtain a copy of an obituary.

General Tips for Searching:

  • A married woman might be listed as Mrs. John Smith instead of Mary Smith if that was the text used by the newspaper. Try searching Mrs. Smith as well.
  • Titles like Dr., Rev., Sgt., etc., will sometimes be part of a name listing. If you know your subject was a doctor, try searching for him as Dr. Smith.
  • A baby may be listed as Infant Smith rather than Billy Smith. Try both.

Database Details

1849-1906, Madison County Death & Obituary Index

This database indexes the deaths in early Madison County newspapers and other miscellaneous sources that are available in the Indiana Room at APL. Most local newspapers did not survive to be microfilmed, so the number of obituaries available before 1900 is limited.

1907-1997, Anderson Daily Bulletin and Herald Bulletin Obituary Index

This database indexes the obituaries which appeared in the Anderson Daily Bulletin and Herald Bulletin from 1907 to 1997. The date which is given in the index is the date the obituary appeared in the newspaper and not necessarily the date of death.

1998-2017, Anderson Herald Bulletin Obituary Index

This database indexes the obituaries which appeared in the Anderson Herald-Bulletin from 1998 to 2017, including online-only obituaries from 2016 and beyond.

1870-2007, Lapel/Pendleton Deaths and Obituaries Index

This database indexes obituaries from Pendleton and Lapel newspapers, as well as additional records from the Pendleton Methodist Church, from 1870 through 2007. The index is not complete. The actual text of the obituaries and church records are not available online, but if you contact Indiana Room staff we can provide either a paper copy or scan of obituaries from the newspaper microfilm. The library does not have the church records.

Madison County Funeral Home Records, 1890-1964

This databases indexes Madison County deaths found in various funeral home record books, including the Albright Funeral Home, Baker Brothers Funeral Home, Berryman Funeral Home, and unidentified funeral homes from 1890 to 1964. A scanned image of the page(s) accompanies each record.

Madison County Coroner’s Inquests, 1885-1898

A scattered collection of coroner’s inquests, indexed and accompanied by scanned images of the verdicts, witness testimonies, and evidence (if included).

Madison County Death Certificates, 1932-1938

This index includes a small, not exhaustive selection of individuals who died in Madison County between 1932 and 1938. A scanned image of the death certificate accompanies each record and may be printed. NOTE: The library does not hold death certificates. Contact the Madison County Health Department to request local birth or death certificates.

Madison County Cemetery Records Database

There are over 70,000 people in this database from 98 cemeteries. However, there are dozens of entries where people do not have legible last names, therefore you may want to search for "unknown" first and last names just to be thorough. The index may list people whose tombstones no longer exist, and the information on the tombstones may be difficult or impossible to decipher. Internments after 2000 are generally not included. Also, many of the burials in the Memorial Park/Anderson Memorial Park cemetery were not available for inclusion in this index. Refer to Madison County Cemetery Names/Codes for information on individual cemeteries.

Madison County Deaths in Indiana Newspapers, 1838-1906

The obituaries and deaths included are ones found in Indiana newspapers outside of Madison County, but were not mentioned in Madison County newspapers, making it a very unique resource. The index covers deaths from 1836-1906, however, it is not a comprehensive listing of all obituaries found outside Madison County and not all counties or newspapers are represented. The actual text of the obituaries is not available online, but if you contact the Indiana Room we can provide either a paper copy or a scan of the obituary you want.

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