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Divorce Records

This index contains names listed in divorce cases filed in Porter County, Indiana. Indexing between 1914-1963 is comprehensive. Some additional earlier cases beginning in 1908 have also been indexed.
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  Name     Case Type    Entity     Court     Case No.     File Date
  Fabian, George     Divorce    Defendant         Superior     9562     1/24/1940  
  Fabian, Rosalie     Divorce    Plaintiff         Superior     9562     1/24/1940  
  Fagen, Cora     Divorce    Plaintiff         Superior     9269     6/3/1939  
  Fagen, Mike     Divorce    Defendant         Superior     9269     6/3/1939  
  Fairman, Mary     Divorce    Plaintiff         Circuit     15854     10/20/1955  
  Fairman, Thomas M.     Divorce    Defendant         Circuit     15854     10/20/1955  
  Faler, Amy G.     Divorce    Defendant         Circuit     13412     5/11/1946  
  Faler, William E.     Divorce    Plaintiff         Circuit     13412     5/11/1946  
  Falk, Alma V.     Divorce    Plaintiff         Superior     8703     11/9/1937  
  Fall, Catherine     Divorce    Defendant         Superior     4148     1/5/1925  
  Fall, Charles     Divorce    Plaintiff         Superior     4148     1/5/1925  
  Falls, Carolyn     Divorce    Plaintiff         Circuit     10221     2/6/1934  
  Falls, Nelson     Divorce    Defendant         Circuit     10221     2/6/1934  
  Fancher, Dorothy     Divorce    Plaintiff         Superior     11730     7/6/1946  
  Fancher, Ulysses H.     Divorce    Defendant         Superior     11730     7/6/1946  
  Farabee, Alice     Divorce    Plaintiff         Circuit     7347     8/4/1928  
  Farabee, Alice     Separate Maintenance    Plaintiff         Circuit     7606     12/29/1928  
  Farabee, Alice     Divorce    Defendant         Circuit     7629     1/15/1929  
  Farabee, Delbert     Divorce    Defendant         Circuit     7347     8/4/1928  
  Farabee, Delbert     Separate Maintenance    Defendant         Circuit     7606     12/29/1928  
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