Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
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A Passeggiata (Stroll) Through Italy: Past, Present and Future (virtual)
Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
Wednesday, May 12, 6:30 pm
The purpose of the presentation is to briefly “walk” participants through the richness and diversity of Italy by weaving historical and modern events and facts about the country to illustrate its geography, language, cuisine, culture, politics and economics. The presentation is designed to be lively, humorous and engaging—all to foster participants’ visualization and enjoyment of the story being told to appreciate not only Italy’s complexity about its past and present culture, but about its future. 

Participants wishing to travel to Italy will leave with a better understanding of how to travel successfully among Italians to fully enjoy their experience. 

Personal anecdotes will be brief and judiciously used to enhance the experience by including tidbits on personal family history and Tour Director work experience in Italy.

Presented by Mariann Millard.

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