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Taking Their Freedom: Ona Judge and Harriet Tubman
Cranbury Public Library
Friday, Mar. 19, 6:30 PM
In honor of black history month, and women's history month,  please join us to learn about the lives of two extraordinary African American women. Dr. Linda Caldwell-Epps shares the histories of Ona Judge and Harriet Tubman, two enslaved women who fought their way to freedom in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Participants will learn how these two women shared a desire for freedom at all costs, and the drive to determine their futures. Their story of resistance can be traced through American history and it serves as a model for people today who are resisting and protesting for what they believe to be their rights as citizens.

Mrs. Caldwell-Epps founded 1804 Consultants to advance educational and cultural organizations. She served as President and CEO at that organization, and New Jersey Network Television and Radio where she served as Vice President for Institutional relatins. Linda has earned the Most Distinguished Alumnae Award from Seton Hall University and induction into the Douglass Society, the highest honor accorded to Douglass College graduates. She has also served as a Ford Foundatin-funded consultant to several institutions of higher learning.
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