Melting Pot of Ameri
Melting Pot of American Music with Marylou Ferrante and Robin O’Herin

Thursday, Jun. 24, 6:30 pm-7:30
Thisi musical and interactive program, explores early American instruments, songs and songwriters: where they come from; the songs and the people who made them. Instruments explored will range from Appalachian dulcimers, banjos and diddlybows to resonator guitars and mandolins.

Music will range from Appalachian to old time music, all the way to Delta and Piedmont Blues with a focus on the men and women who created this seminal American heritage. There will be time for questions and requests.

This program is made possible through a Local Cultural Grant from the Southbridge Cultural Council which is part of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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Sponsored by Southbridge Cultural Council.
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