Friday Afternoon Movie
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Friday, Jun. 23, 2:30 (04/28/2023, 05/26/2023, 06/23/2023, 07/28/2023, 08/25/2023, 09/22/2023, 10/27/2023, 11/17/2023)
or call 732-521-5000.
2023 is the year of comedies. Join us for some laughs from some of the most popular movies of their time. 

February 24- Cool Runnings- When a Jamaican sprinter is disqualified from the Olympic Games, he enlists the help of a dishonored coach to start the first Jamaican Bobsled Team.

April 28- Best in Show-  A mockumentary that examines the fierce and ruthless competition between show dogs and their owners

May 26-  A Night at the Opera- The Marx Brothers turn an operatic performance into chaos in their efforts to promote their protégé’s romance with the leading lady.

June 23- The Princess Bride- A grandfather tells the story of a farmboy-turned-pirate who encounters numerous obstacles, enemies and allies in his quest to be reunited with his one true love.

July 28- Big- After wishing to be made big, a teenage boy wakes the next morning to find himself in the body of an adult.

August 25- TBD

September 22- TBD

October 27- TBD

November 17- TBD

Please note: Comedies are often a reflection of society at the time of their release. Not all humor is appropriate for every audience and we ask for patrons to use their discretion to decide if the movie is appropriate for them or their family members.
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