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The Hero Factor: How to Transform Your Business and Create a Winning Culture
Bradley Beach Public Library

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2-3p
December 3 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Now more than ever, businesses need to know and own their purpose to survive, transform, and win. Every company ever created started as a story, an idea that inspired other people to join and believe in the cause and over time businesses forget and lose that passion.
A majority of any given work force doesn’t fully know their company’s values and sense of purpose:
Only 27% of employees actually know their own company values
51% of employees are disengaged in their current positions
Over half the workforce is currently able to contribute more to their operations!
In this motivating and inspirational webinar, leading business expert and best-selling author Jeffrey Hazlett will provide valuable insights into understanding and protecting your business’ impact overtime.
You’ll learn about:
Developing the right culture by knowing why you’re in the game
Knowing your purpose and how to lead with your values
Why business as usual, bad moods, and mediocre expectations are indicators of a MUCH bigger problem
Ensuring everyone on your team knows your core values, and more importantly believes in them
Learning to live your brand in everything you do
Owning your hero factor

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