STEAM Program: Bridg
STEAM Program: Bridge Builder in Petticoats: The Emily Roebling Story
548 Main Street

Thursday, Aug. 1, 6:30 pm
Historical interpreter Carol Simon Levin will portray Emily Roebling: Bridge Builder in Petticoats. Roebling, who helped build the Brooklyn Bridge was once called  “one of the most noted women in the country” and “the most famous woman in New Jersey”…yet today few people even know her name! Learn interesting historical tales and tidbits regarding the construction of possibly the most amazing technological achievement of the 19th century and meet one of America's trailblazing but largely forgotten civil engineers! 

Hands on STEAM activities to follow the lecture. 

Presenter Carol Simon Levin serves as the Youth Services Librarian at the Bridgewater Branch of the Somerset County Library.  She is also a professional storyteller and a member of the New Jersey Storyteller's Network 

Sponsored by BCB Community Bank of Monroe.

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