Caledon Public Library
Genealogy Workshop
Albion Bolton Branch

Saturday, Nov. 10, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (October 13, October 27, November 10, November 24)
The four genealogical workshops will look at online records, to place our ancestors and families in historical context. The workshops are hands on and will use Canadian Authors and Authors with ties to Canada from different provinces and decades to develop our research skills in searching for records from the 19th and 20 century and then apply them to our own families. Each of the four workshops will build upon the previous session to develop a complete pictures of the soldiers and our ancestors we choose to research. The workshops are also complete on there own and can be taken singularly to learn to develop your research skills.

Workshop One Using Census Records, we will look at the history of the Census and its application as the country grew with immigration.
Workshop Two This workshop will look at the different types of Migration records available to the researcher to find their ancestors origin.
Workshop Three Developing an understanding of research through Land Records, to discover where are ancestors lived, providing the steps that will be needed to begin to read land documents.
Workshop Four This workshop will examine the Military Records of either the Authors or their fathers to see how it impacted their literary style.
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