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PV-Free Phone Event

Monday, May 13, 10 am-3 pm (May 13, June 10 &24, July 8 & 22, August 12 & 26, September 9 & 23, October 14 & 28, November 25, December 9)
or call 530-621-5540.
Connect with the Lifeline Phone Program at Community Hub 3

*The Library is closed to the public but open for the phone event*

What you need to qualify for the Lifeline Program:

  •    Cal-Fresh or SNAP recipient (Please bring receipt from purchase made with EBT card)
  •    Medi-Cal recipient
  •    SSI recipient
  •     Veterans or Survivors Pension
  •     WIC recipient
  •      Income less than $34,000/year or less than $40,600/year for household of 4
  •      Unemployment or Workers Compensation recipient
  •      Federal or Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance

Qualifying documents to bring:

  •  Benefit cards 
  •  W-2s
  •  EBT card receipts
  •  Undamaged California photo ID (General Delivery address not accepted)
Registration appreciated but not required, it is for attendance anticipation only. Event is still a first come, first serve event.
Sponsored by Community Hub 3.

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