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GT - Thursdays at Tw
GT - Thursdays at Two Poetry Group

Thursday, May 16, 2:00 pm
Join us at our poetry group, Thursdays at Two. The group meets every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 2:00 here at the library. Patterned after the popular Placerville group, Tuesdays at Two, the Georgetown Library version will be led by Taylor Graham, EDC Poet Laureate from 2016 - 2018. If you love poetry, write poetry, or dream about writing poetry, this group is for you! Assigned subjects will be offered to write poems about and then the poems are brought back to the group. This is not really a critique process but reading poems aloud to the group is a good way to hear what's working and what isn't. Participants also read from a list of established poets or bring poetry to share. There is also a 'word can'. Everyone pulls a word or phrase from the can and then uses them to write a poem in 10-15 minutes. This produces some strange and wild stuff and a lot of laughter!!!!
Sponsored by Georgetown Friends of the Library .

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