Oakmont MusicCivic C
Oakmont MusicCivic Concert

Sunday, Jun. 13, 3:00-4:00
Enjoy a free online concert series! Tonight enjoy the Redline String Quartet, a Pittsburgh ensemble performing a mesmerizing work by Philip Glass & Beethoven's tempestuous 4th quartet. Enjoy this free online chamber music concert series live OR register before the concert dates and watch when it's convenient for you! Register here.

Upcoming concerts:
  • Register HERE for the Red Line String Quartet, Friday 6/18 @ 7:30 (or watch anytime after)
  • Register HERE for Alkemie "Florilegium" Sunday 6/20 @ 3:00 (or watch anytime after)
  • Register HERE for Alkemie "Florilegium" Friday 6/25 @ 7:30 (or watch anytime after)
Oakmont Musicivic strives to be an essential source of artistry in Oakmont, PA and it's surrounding communities by embedding music performances in spaces that are central to the community.
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