Local Authors Roundt
Local Authors Roundtable
CSCL Program Room

Saturday, Sep. 28, 1:00-4:00
Join us for an afternoon roundtable discussion featuring few local authors! 
  • Kerry E. B. Black who will share her experience writing short stories, particularly in the horror genre as well as YA literature. Kerry will also shed insight into being an author in the 21st century, blogging and networking. Find out more about her and her work here
  • Susanna Fussenegger who will share her thoughts on writing memoir.
  • Bill Kemp and the 3 Cs of the writing process: Creativity. Craft. Connection. More about Bill and his work here
  • Debra R. Sanchez will discuss the importance of feedback from other writers, writing prompts, bilingual books and the role of the indie-press. More about Debra here.
  • Megan Vance will talk about writing inspirational pieces and her nonfiction journey to publication. 
  • Ruth Ochs Webster Ruth will read from her books and talk about life during the Civil War and the resources she used to bring her book to life. More about Ruth here
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