Fall Film Series: Se
Fall Film Series: Sex, Gender and the Cinematic Body
CSCL Program Room

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 6:00-8:00
Join Dr. Anthony Hayt for an exploration of film. This fall, we're looking at Sex, Gender, and the Cinematic Body in Turn of the Century Global Art Films. This course meets for 9 weeks. 

The consideration of film as a representation of cultural norms is an important exercise, as art both reflects and forms those norms. This series will ask viewers to consider traditional gender roles and challenges to them, while also considering how aesthetic choices impact interpretation. We will examine five films released within a four-year period around the turn of the turn of the 21st century. All of these films were made with a global audience in mind, and most were from international production companies. They all tell compelling stories of love while focusing on the bodies of characters and utilizing daring, non-traditional aesthetics. From editing to sound, narrative structures to cinematography, all of these movies challenge the way we watch movies while also challenging us to consider the way that social norms around gender and sex are mapped onto the body politic. This series includes scenes of graphic sex and violence, so please be aware of potential triggers.

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