Drawing for Beginner
Drawing for Beginners
CSCL Program Room

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 1:00-3:00
Melissa Tai creates a warm and welcoming environment will invite students who “can’t even draw stick people” and intermediate artists alike to try new techniques and look with new eyes. Most art projects start with a drawing, so we will learn about this important practice.

We will explore a variety of tools and techniques to allow each artist to find a form of mark making that they enjoy.
Supplies list:
  • Sharpened pencils; if you want to purchase artist’s drawing pencils I suggest a 4B, HB, and 4H. Otherwise a standard #2 is fine.
  • A black marker that comes to a point; Sharpie is a good choice.
  • Kneaded eraser and/or Gum eraser
  • Compressed Charcoal stick or charcoal vines
  • 18 X 24 Newsprint Pad
  • Smaller drawing pad (optional);  one you might take places with you, you choose the size
Class fee is $120 for this 10-week class; adults 18+ only.
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