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Create Your Own  Aut
Create Your Own Autogeography: A six-week workshop
Charles Pink House - 1256 Lawrence St.

Thursday, Oct. 11, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Typically stories of the self (autobiographies) are told through a narrative of a passage through time. In this workshop, we will learn how to create a story of ourselves through a series of meaningful places instead. Whether it’s a home, a riverbank, a car, a corner in a city or a meadow high up in the mountains, we will take our most significant places and use them to compose our own autogeographies.


Our autogeographies can be created through any mode of expression. They can be essays, poems, songs, films, or paintings. All that we want to do is dig deep into our personal relationships with places and translate them into any medium. There will be no grades and no prizes. But there will be expression, creativity, and fun.


Dr. Rob Sullivan will be leading the workshop. He has a PhD in geography from UCLA and has taught geography at UCLA, Cal State University Northridge, Cal State University Los Angeles, and Santa Monica College.

Sponsored by Dr. Rob Sullivan.
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