Williamsville Public Library and Museum
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Family Backyard Basics
Williamsville Public Library and Museum

Saturday, Apr. 20, 10:00-11:30
Sustainable Gardening
Backyard Basics for families is the first event of the seaon in the WPLM Outdoor Education Space! WPLM will be hosting "Garbage to Garden" with the Douglas-Hart Nature Center.  Learn how to set up a compost tumbler and how easy it is to turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost.  Participants will build their own self-watering insert for a planting container that your family will take home.  Plus, you will get to choose the plants to add to your planter.  Not sure what to plant?  Mrs. Smith, WHS Ag Teacher and FFA sponsor, will be on hand to give advice and help you choose plants for your planter.  This is a great program for parents and grandparents to attend with children, but adults can also attend without any children :)
Cushions will be provided for kids to sit on the grass.  A couple of benches and the picnic table are available in the Outdoor Space.   PLEASE feel free to bring your own folding chairs or a blanket.
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