Clinton Community Library
Gazebo Storytime--Al
Gazebo Storytime--Alligators
Clinton Community Library

Tuesday, May 18, 10:30 am
Alligators and Crocodiles--how do you tell them apart?
Well,  alligators tend to be smaller and darker grey than crocodiles. And look at their snouts.
Crocodile snouts are long, narrow, and pointed.
Alligators have wide, U-shaped snouts.

Miss Susan will read from the gazebo outside the library, and families will be spaced out a minimum of 6 feet apart, indicated by a hula hoop on the grass. Please bring a chair or picnic blanket to sit on for your comfort.
***To keep everyone safe, we ask both adults and children to respect social distancing guidelines.*** Masks are recommended. Registration is not required for this program.
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