L. E. Smoot Memorial Library
(Not) So YA Book Club

Tuesday, Apr. 2, 7:00 PM
or call 540-775-2147.
So you still love reading Young Adult books? Were you discussing the merits of a tape deck vs. a CD player in high school? Did you dream of owning a Trans AM? Were the Backstreet Boys topping the charts? (this is a trick question because thier new album, DNA, debuted at number 1)

Then this is the club for you!

Erica will lead the conversation as we discuss what we are reading, our favorite reads, what is popular in book land, and the most anticipated books of the year. 

Book club is for adults 18 and older 

For additional information regarding this program, contact the Youth Services Librarian, Erica, at YSL1@smoot.org 
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